Greddy Assa with new exhibition in London

BCI London will mark the 60th anniversary
of Prof. Greddy Assa.
Thursday, 29th of January 2015
7pm, Sofia Gallery
186-188 Queen’s Gate SW7 5HL

Crossing the desert
The artist has many poetic words to say about the desert and its endlessness, a place
where he feels he is a discoverer of unexpected beauty. But also of “surmounting”
four decades of painting, of his outlook on life throughout that time. And this is also
an allusion to the bible – the 40 years it took Moses to take his people to the
Promised Land. The desert’s innumerable dunes have made Greddy Assa feel like a
speck of sand, but “a speck with its own inner world, a world of freedom, hope and
The exhibition features different genres, including portraits. One of them is a portrait
of renowned Bulgarian film director Dimitar Gochev who worked in Germany for
many years and who passed away a few months ago.

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